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What Sets Our Trips Apart

There's magic waiting in the lakes and forests we trip through - and we want to share it with you.

What makes our trips special?
We believe that an adventures is a lot more than just getting from point A to B.

⁠⁠For us, it's about resilience.
It's about finding your edge, and pushing just past it.
It's about quieting the noise and seeing what shows up.
It's about coming home to an intrinsic way of being human.
It's about being in community with each other and the land.
It's about love.
⁠⁠It's about whatever you want it to be. ⁠

Let us make it yours.

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What Our Guests Have To Say

I went out on the beginner back country trip and have never had such a good time in my life. Reilly is a particularly amazing guide (and a truly fabulous back country chef). I learned knots, bear hangs, camp fire cooking, canoeing and so so much more. I met amazing folks and gained confidence in my own skills. It was life changingly great. If you’re on the fence. Go. It is so so worth it.

We went on the intro to back country camping and it was AMAZING. Before the trip they were well organized, they put up with all my crazy questions, were accommodating when we had to switch weekends. During the trip, the experience exceeded my expectations. Your guide was crazy knowledgeable and eager to help us improve whatever skills we came to learn. She made us feel like a little family in just two nights. I am confident we will do another trip with trip shed, and would highly recommended them to others. Cheers

We went on the Algonquin Winter Snowshoe Hike to Algonquin Park with Alex as our guide. Everything ran smoothly from pick up, to the drive from Toronto, to the hike at Hemlock Bluff Trail and Ragged Falls. Alex is an excellent guide and provided insights into the natural surroundings and lots of laughs! We even had snow syrup, went on some ice slides and had a wonderful time in the snow, highly recommend The Trip Shed for outdoor adventures.

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