3 Days - Algonquin Provincial Park

Expert Guides

Our guides are the best in the game and we trust them with our lives, literally. They'll not only guide you safely along your trip, but will make it magical in so many ways.

Small Group Travel

All of our trips are capped at 9 people total, including your guide. Nice and intimate and you're just about guaranteed to form tight bonds with everyone else travelling with you. 

Stunning Sights

Beautiful sights come standard on all our trips. Think stunning sunsets, powerful wildlife, breathtaking vistas, and everything you can imagine (and a few things you can't) in between.  


All you've gotta bring is a toothbrush and a smile (ok there's also a packing list but you know what we mean). We cover everything else; food, canoes, permits, tents, and all equipment.

The group aims to embody a collective spirit that cultivates character traits fundamental to living a meaningful and purpose driven life.
These character qualities are honesty, willingness, courage, humility, integrity, kindness, responsibility, compassion, love, and discipline.

At the end of the trip, you will

• Have a clear sense of your call to adventure. A new direction, what you know you need to do ie: changing, enhancing, or repairing a relationship, changing careers/jobs, moving cities among other possibilities. Simply, we commit to a decision.
• Developed a map/picture that reveals the unknowns and potential roadblocks of this decision. For example, What will this entail? What do I need to confront? What am I hiding from? We befriend, tame, and subdue our fears/dragons, thus integrating and alchemizing the energy of fear into courage and purpose.
• We practice and begin to integrate the fundamental skills necessary to stay on the path of our new journey.
• With our new map, new skills, we clarify how to navigate the unfamiliar terrain, potential obstacles, and the new challenges that will arise.
• We outline a daily practice to cultivate our new way of being and to develop a sustainable sense of resilience and well-being.

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