Is adventure really for all?

Historically, adventure has not been for all. Perhaps you think that time spent outdoors, in a tent, or paddling down a river has a small barrier to entry, but that just isn't the case.
Social, cultural, and financial limitations are just some of the systemic barriers in place prohibiting folks from spending time adventuring outside.

We want to do our part to change that.

So, we're committed to putting 1% of all profits into our "Adventure Fund".

The purpose of this fund is to help eliminate or reduce the financial barrier to entry for individuals looking to join life-changing backcountry adventures. We'll be helping fund organizations that offer subsidized outdoors experiences.

Your purchase of gear or a guided adventure helps support our mission in ensuring everyone can experience the life-changing magic that meaningful time spent outdoors can bring. 

Thank you for helping us make adventure more accessible to all.