3 Days - Algonquin Provincial Park

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Expert Guides

Our guides are the best in the game and we trust them with our lives, literally. They'll not only guide you safely along your trip, but will make it magical in so many ways.

Small Group Travel

All of our trips are capped at 9 people total, including your guide. Nice and intimate and you're just about guaranteed to form tight bonds with everyone else travelling with you. 

Stunning Sights

Beautiful sights come standard on all our trips. Think stunning sunsets, powerful wildlife, breathtaking vistas, and everything you can imagine (and a few things you can't) in between.  


All you've gotta bring is a toothbrush and a smile (ok there's also a packing list but you know what we mean). We cover everything else; food, canoes, permits, tents, and all equipment.

On this trip, you’ll learn everything you need to know to safely and confidently go on your own canoe trips with the help of one of our trained guides. This starts on day one, going over each of our packs, understanding why we’re bringing what we’re bringing, and how to travel with it through the wilderness. For first time paddlers, this first day will be an introduction to being on the water: how to paddle, how to steer a canoe, and how to navigate the backcountry lake systems.

Once we’re in the backcountry, you’ll have the chance to pick your own site and practice essential skills like setting up your tent, how to assemble a weatherproof tarp system, building a fire fit for royalty and, of course, cooking over that open flame. On travel days, we’ll dig into these skills even further, offering the chance for you to put them into practice, while also learning about the local flora, fauna, and cultural history of Algonquin Park.

Our trips also run well into September and October. To us, autumn is one of the best times of year for canoe tripping - while also offering the element shift to colder weather. Fall trips have specially outfitted gear and take all necessary precautions to manage cold weather risks.

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