Your Body, Outdoors

Algonquin Provincial Park

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Have a history of eating or body image issues?
Far enough in your healing that you’re trying to build a future without these challenges?
On this trip, you’ll come to see your body and relationship to food in a whole new light. Define a future for yourself through this experience in the natural world, supported by a Registered Psychotherapist specializing in Eating Disorders and Trauma.

This adventure creates the space for you to explore how far you’ve come in your own healing and to define what’s next – for your identity, relationships, and body.

What you can expect:
4-days of backcountry camping and paddling
2 one-to-one sessions with a guide/psychotherapist, pre-trip and post-trip.
Three group sessions
Three sessions of movement and meditation/mindfulness

At the end of the trip, you will have:
• A clearer sense of self and where you are going in life. A sense of yourself beyond your body, and that sees the strength and power your body CAN have. A relationship to food that isn’t ALL about the food.
• New connections - to yourself, to a group of recovered survivors, and to the =outdoors.
• New emotion-regulation tools to help you stay connected to yourself and others.
• A renewed sense of confidence –knowing you know how to do something powerful, interesting and unique by thriving in the outdoors.
• A sense of worth that comes from something SO much deeper than how you look to others.

About Joelle:
Joelle Anderson is a Registered Psychotherapist (CRPO License #: 005767) and Canadian Certified Counsellor. Joelle has specialized in the treatment of EDs since 2017. Joelle also has specialized training in treating Trauma since 2019. Prior to being a therapist she worked as a Mindfulness Meditation Teacher and has specialized training in mindfulness practices. She also worked as Urban Programs Director and then Marketing Director for Outward Bound Canada, as an Account Manager for John St. Advertising and has a Bachelor of Education with skills in group instruction and facilitation.

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