Indigenous Algonquin

Algonquin Provincial Park

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While many of us are used to thinking about Algonquin Park as a vast uninhabited wilderness to be explored, there is much more to that story. Algonquin Park has been home to Indigenous people, including the Algonquin nation since time immemorial. Algonquin families have been intimately familiar with this land, and influencing the landscape for generations.

This trip will be co-hosted by Leslie Anne St, Amour, an Algonquin woman, lawyer and environmental advocate. She will be providing her expertise to help us learn about the history of the land that is now Algonquin Park, the Indigenous nations that call it home, the colonial and oppressive history of the park, the role of industry and Indigenous relationships with the park today.

We will touch on Algonquin laws and people, the industrial exploration of Algonquin Park that continues today, reconciliation and meaningful relationships with Indigenous people across Canada and the modern Algonquin nation in Ontario. This will be done through story-telling, interactive exercises, and casual conversation.

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