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Voyageur Canoe Barrel Harness

Voyageur Canoe Barrel Harness

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Shoulder Strap Size
Hip Belt Size

This is the only custom-fit barrel harness on the market. And it makes a huge difference in comfort and stability. Canoe barrels can be notoriously uncomfortable due to the short torso and pressure on your spine. Our harness has contoured layers of foam, so it actually feels more like a canoe pack. New for 2021 - the “Upper Adjustment". This feature improves comfort and carry for most paddlers. Totally waterproof, and "critter-resistant" canoe food barrels are great for food and gear. 



  • Contoured layers of reticulated and closed-cell foam eliminate the pressure of the canoe barrel’s curve on your spine.
  • NEW! Our Upper Adjustment now allows our harness to fit taller paddlers.
  • Barrel harness cinches to the top and bottom of the barrel using webbing and ladderloc buckles.
  • Extra-long lid straps for lashing extra gear for the portage.
  • NEW! The optional “Pack Board Converter” allows you to carry awkward loads. (chainsaw, water containers etc)
  • 3 padded handles on the front, and back for easy lifting.
  • 1000 Denier nylon fabric.
  • Optional tumpline available.
  • Fits 30L and 60L canoe food barrels.


All canoe barrel harnesses come in 1 torso size…SMALL. The Voyageur Barrel Harness is unique with the upper load lifter adjustment to better fit taller people.

You can also custom fit the shoulder straps and hip belt. The ability to adjust the fit for people of different shapes and sizes ensures better load control for a more safe and enjoyable portage.

  • NEW! The Upper Adjustment now allows our harness to fit taller paddlers.
  • Heavily contoured padded back panel.
  • Extra padding in lumbar region for extra comfort.
  • Shoulder Straps – double layer foam, S-Shaped to fit any gender. (S, M, L, XL)
  • Adjustable chest strap.
  • Hip Belt – (double layer foam) fits all genders. (S, M, L, XL)
  • Custom size shoulder straps and hip belt available upon request. (XS, XXL)
  • Optional tumpline available.


Measure for a Custom Fit

The order of measurements in the "add to cart" is SHOULDER STRAPS / HIP BELT. e.g. Small/Small

Our canoe barrel harness is custom fit to you, regardless of your body shape and size. A well-fitting harness reduces fatigue and helps keep you stable on rough terrain.

So spend a few minutes taking your measurements and selecting the best size.

Reach out if you have any questions!

Measurement Instructions

Take the following measurements with a soft measuring tape.

Then select your sizes from the Sizing Charts.

Chest (for Shoulder Straps): distance around the body level with the armpits

Hips (for Hip Belt): distance around the body 3” below the top of the iliac crest

Shoulder Strap Size (Chest)

Our shoulder straps are S-Shaped and comfortable for all genders.

If your chest measurements are between sizes, please go up in size.

Example: If your chest measurement is 36”/91cm, then move up from Small to Medium.

Size Chest Measurement
Small 30”-36” (76-91cm)
Medium 36”-42” (91-107cm)
Large 42”-48” (107-122cm)
XLarge 48”-52” (122-132cm)

Hip Belt Size

Our hip belt fits all genders.

If your hip measurements are between sizes, please go up in size.

Example: If your hip measurement is 32”/81cm, then move up from Small to Medium.

Size Hip Measurement
Small 26”-32” (66-81cm)
Medium 32”-39” (81-99cm)
Large 39”-46” (99-117cm)
XLarge 46”+ (177+)


The order of measurements in the "add to cart" is SHOULDER STRAPS / HIP BELT. e.g. Small/Small

Reach out with ANY questions. For example.
• your measurements don’t fall within these ranges,
• your pack needs to fit more than 1 person, or
• you will be carrying a canoe with your pack.


We know how frustrating it is to have a gear failure on trip. High-quality materials and construction ensure your Voyageur Canoe Barrel Harness will last over many years and portages.

Customize the Fit
• You can easily adjust the harness to taller people. Simply connect the load lifters (yellow webbing) to the higher buckle on the lid of the barrel. Reconnect to the lower buckle for shorter backs.
• Detachable shoulder straps and hip belt for correct sizing. (S, M, L, XL)

Built for Comfort
• The back pad is contoured to the barrel’s curve and is heavily padded (3/4” / 19mm cushy reticulated foam over a layer of 1/2” / 13mm dense EVA foam)
• Lumbar region has an extra layer 1/2” / 13mm dense EVA foam
• Shoulder straps are S-shaped to fit all genders better. (S, M, L, XL)
• Hip belt is comfortable for all genders. (S, M, L, XL)
• Shoulder straps and hip belt have 2 layers of foam for comfort. (1/2” / 13mm high-quality EVA dense foam & 1/2” / 13mm soft ether foam)

High-Quality Materials and Construction
• Reinforced high-stress areas are bar-tacked. (handles, shoulder strap attachments)
• National Molding Duraflex buckles.
• 1000 denier nylon (double layer)
• High-density EVA foam does not compress over time.

Optional tumpline available.
Volume: Easily fits 30L and 60L barrels
Weight: 1.63kg / 3lb 6oz (harness only)

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