Love Your Gear

Your gear takes the best care of you, when you take care of it. Regular cleaning, waterproofing, and maintenance are essential for long lasting, effective equipment to make your outdoor adventure that much better. 


At Tripshed, we understand how important it is to properly care for and maintain your outdoor gear. Regular laundry detergent just won't cut it - instead, we use specialized detergents designed to remove dirt, body oils, and protect the Durable Water Repellent (DWR) layer that helps to keep you dry and warm. We have carefully tested and selected the best detergents to ensure your outdoor gear is kept in its best condition. With our eco-friendly cleaners, you can rest assured that your DWR layers will be re-activated and your technical gear will be taken care of, so it can take care of you in the field.

Price List

Prices below are estimates as we will need to see the item to confirm. Please attach a photo in the form below or bring it by the shop for our staff to properly assess your gear and provide an accurate price.

WashWash & WaterproofPatchwork
Technical Apparel Wash - $34Rain Gear (DWR) - $49Apparel - $39
Down Sleeping Bag - $63Down Jacket - $119Sleeping Bag - $59
Down Jacket - $99Synthetic Jacket - $99Sleeping Pad - $49
Down Comforter - $79Tent & Fly - $129Tents - $59
Synthetic Sleeping Bag - $52Hiking Shoes & Boots - $69Packs - $69
Sleeping Pad - $44Seam Sealing - $39
Tent - $89
Hot Tent - $169
Hiking shoes & boots - $49

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