3 Days - Algonquin Provincial Park

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Our guides are the best in the game and we trust them with our lives, literally. They'll not only guide you safely along your trip, but will make it magical in so many ways.

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All of our trips are capped at 9 people total, including your guide. Nice and intimate and you're just about guaranteed to form tight bonds with everyone else travelling with you. 

Stunning Sights

Beautiful sights come standard on all our trips. Think stunning sunsets, powerful wildlife, breathtaking vistas, and everything you can imagine (and a few things you can't) in between.  


All you've gotta bring is a toothbrush and a smile (ok there's also a packing list but you know what we mean). We cover everything else; food, canoes, permits, tents, and all equipment.

Imagine spending three days and two nights immersed in the beauty of nature under a starlit sky, paddling through pristine waters, calming your nervous system by creating art with natural materials, and getting to know yourself more deeply through the experience.

This eco-art canoe trip is for anyone who feels called to dive deeper and strengthen their identity as an inherently creative being. There is no expectation to have prior art experience or to identify as an artist, only a willingness to explore the creative power within you with nature (and a professional art psychotherapist) as your guides.

By tapping into our inner guidance through creativity and the power of nature, we change the way we see the world around us. This not only enriches our personal lives but also unlocks the potential for a transformative experience. This trip will open space for authentic self-exploration and expression through reflections of nature metaphor and engaging with the natural world both as the subject of our creations and as the medium.

This weekend eco-art trip provides an opportunity to intentionally carve out time for nature and to make space for creativity. It is an invitation to disconnect from the monotonous everyday and to connect to something bigger. As we strengthen our connection to nature and self through creativity, play, and facilitated circles and invitations, you will take home a sustained sense of wellbeing and connection to yourself and everything around you.

This experience is calling your name if you:

  • Have been wanting to reconnect with your creative identity- Are looking for a way to intentionally experience nature
  • Are interested in learning more about yourself through the lens of nature metaphor and working with natural materials in a unique, self-reflective way
  • Want to enjoy the company of and connect with like-minded individuals
  • Are looking to experience a highlight trip of your summer
  • Are seeking the adventure of exploring the backcountry wilderness of Algonquin Park, all with a sense of ease being supported by professional guides

Meet Ashleigh - Your Art Therpist

Ashleigh Gureckas DKATI, RTC, RP(Qualifying) [CRPO#15072] is a Professional Art Psychotherapist and Registered Therapeutic Counsellor based in Nelson, British Columbia, originally from Ontario, Canada. Ashleigh brings a strength-based, spiritually-integrated, trauma-informed, and relational therapeutic approach to her work. She integrates neuroscience-informed art therapy, mindfulness techniques, and somatic experiencing in her work with clients of all ages healing from trauma and those seeking self-growth. Ashleigh specializes in both child & youth art therapy services and facilitating eco-art therapy workshops and groups for adults in nature-based settings.

When you return from this trip, you will:

  • Feel more connected to your inherently creative self
  • Have a deeper connection to your inner wisdom
  • Experience an enhanced sense of identity, self-worth, and self-confidence
  • Feel validated through the power of nature as a healer and guide
  • Acquire the skills needed to continue practicing mindfulness, nervous system regulation, and intentional care in everything you do
  • Be able to apply the nature and land-based eco-art making practice anywhere you go on this earth for your own continued exploration
  • Feel safer in the Canadian wilderness after a beginner-level backcountry experience
  • Experience a much deeper connection to nature, thereby deepening your connection to your inner self
  • Have an unforgettable, rejuvenating, and transformative experience like no other.

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