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Esker Classic Winter Hot Tent 12x12

Esker Classic Winter Hot Tent 12x12

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Classic Winter Camping Hot Tent

Looking to get cozy and stay warm on your winter camping adventures? Esker Tents are world renown for their hot tents quality, durability, and comfort. 


The Esker Classic 12x12 winter camping hot tent is the largest Esker’s lineup. The 12x12 provides a traditional 4 sided pyramid wall tent design that’s lightweight, portable and durable. Like all Esker hot tents the 12 x 12 comes with an installed stove pipe ring, and is made from Sunforger 10.10 oz army duck cotton canvas. It also includes sewn loops for an internal drying line, an adjustable air vent, and a 2-way zippered opening maximum function and comfort. The Esker Classic 12x12 sleeps 4-6 comfortably and is ideal for families and small group camping expeditions.

Classic 1 vs. Classic 2

The two designs are identical in size and material. The only difference between the two is the stove placement. Th Classic 2 moves the stove pipe ring to the right side wall – creating more continuous space inside. This necessitates the use of a stove with an elbow (like the Esker Superior 2)

Tent Specs:

  • Made from 10.10 oz Army Duck 4 strand Sunforger Canvas
  • Centre peak: 2.3m (7'6")
  • Sidewall height: .76m (30")
  • Overall Area (approx): 13.4 m2 (12'x12')
  • Weight: 13kg (29lbs)
  • Packed Dimensions: 32cm x 28cm x 65cm x (12.5" x 11" 25.5")
  • Made in Canada


Guy lines included.
Stove and stove pipes not included.
Suggested Stove for Classic 1: Esker Superior

Suggested Stove for Classic 2: Esker Superior 2

Setup Instructions Here

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