Canoe Trip Itinerary

While all of our trips have their own flavour, see below for the general daily rhythm and what you can expect. 

Day 1:

You’ll meet the rest of your trip members and guide in the morning (10:45AM) at the access point lake. Upon arrival, your guide will help you get your personal gear ready and packed, while the group get’s to know each other and shares lunch. 

One packed and ready to go, boats hit the water around 11:30, and you’re off! Day 1 is usually a shorter day, where you can expect 1-2 portages under 300m, and approximately 3-4 hours of paddling. 

After your day of travel, you’ll arrive at the site later in the afternoon and after setting up camp, have some time to kick back, swim or practice some trip skills by the fire. 

Spend the evening feasting on some top notch trip cuisine, roast marshmallows, and if the weather’s right, stargaze while on a nighttime paddle. 

Day 2:

Day 2 is usually one of two types: travel to a new site, or if base camping, have the option of some local exploring and enjoying some wild time at your site doing whatever you feel called to. 

If traveling to a new site, the site is torn down after breakfast (8:30-9:00am), canoes are loaded and off you’ll be for a day of backcountry exploring. You can expect roughly 4-6 hours of paddling, and 2-3 portages under 1.5km. Arrive at your new campsite, set up and take a load off while you relax and snack your way through the evening. 

If you’re base-camping, the flow of the day is typically decided by the collective group - some sleep in and spend the day hanging out at the campsite (swimming, reading, snacking, exploring - you name it), while others take day-trips to local attractions (swim in a waterfall? Sure thing). 

Day 3:

Before you know it, it’ll be time to tear down the site and head home. Thankfully, day 3 moves at a gentle pace, allowing plenty of time to soak up your surroundings while you meander your way back to the access point lake. On most trips, you can expect to be back to your vehicle between 2:00-3:00PM. 

Sample Menu

Day 1:

Lunch - Fresh sandwiches from Henrietta’s, a local bakery favourite, chips and oranges

Dinner - Chicken Stir Fry, rice or wraps (wine available)

Day 2:

Breakfast: Bacon & Egg Breakfast Sandwiches, coffee/tea, nut butter/jam, granola

Lunch: Grilled Loaded Wraps, carrots/hummus, trail mix

Dinner: Pasta al Forno (penne, ragout, cheese, all baked together in a firepit oven)

Day 3:

Breakfast: Loaded Oatmeal, coffee/tea, granola, nut butter/jam, trail mix

Lunch: Cured meats, cheese, carrots/hummus

Snacks: S’mores (of course), M&M’s, candy, hot chocolate, dried fruit

NOTE: We’re happy to accommodate any dietary restrictions - just let us know in your pre trip questionnaire and we’ll make sure to come up with something special for you. 

Trip Routes 

Below are details specific trip routes including access points/meeting locations and where we'll be staying each night. Please note that there is a small possibility of a last minute change due to the nature of these trips. Any changes will be communicated to the group as soon as possible. 

While we don't offer transportation ourselves, our good pals over at Parkbus have routes running in Algonquin Park. Trips marked with a 🚌 are along their route.


Backcountry Beginner Trips

*** Permits for the 2023 Canoe Tripping season have not been booked, but rest assured, once the Ontario Parks booking system allows reservations for your dates, we will be securing the most incredible routes to take you on ***