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Woolpower Full Zip Jacket 400

Woolpower Full Zip Jacket 400

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The "Go-Anywhere" Merino Jacket

This Unisex Full Zip Jacket 400 is the perfect mid layer choice! Crafted from Merino wool, the Full Zip Jacket has a high, double thick collar with the Woolpower logo knitted in to keep your neck warm as you move throughout the day. At the end of each sleeve, the Full Zip Jacket 400 has thick cuffs with thumb holes built in. The back of the jacket hangs down slightly longer to prevent gaps between your pants and jacket.


Crafted from  Ullfrotté Original 400 fabric, the Full Zip Jacket 400 can be used in colder conditions or to keep warm during low output activities. By wearing Woolpower directly against your skin you gain the most benefit from all the amazing properties that wool has.


70% Merino wool
28% Polyamide
2% Eastan
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