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Woolpower Crewneck 200

Woolpower Crewneck 200

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Classic Merino Base Layer

The long sleeve wool Crewneck 200 is great for keeping the body’s core temperature regulated in cool to cold climates. This Merino wool base layer shirt made from Woolpower’s superior Ullfrotté Original 200 g/m² terry loop design features no lengthwise seams, minimizing chafing and rubbing during peak physical activity. Ullfrotté Original wool fabric with smooth, soft terry loops facing the inside and flat synthetic fibers lining the outside allows this wool shirt to optimally maximize body heat retention by trapping natural body heat as well as maximizing moisture wicking away from the skin. Crewneck 200 Merino wool shirt is the perfect wool base layer for hunters, skiers, hikers, and fly-fishermen & fishermen alike.

Ullfrotté Original 200 grams is our thinnest version of Ullfrotté. The material is durable and consists of fine merino wool, polyamide and above all – air! The air in the material is important as it insulates the heat that your body produces.


60% Merino wool
25% Polyester
13% Polyamide
2% Eastan

– Weight –
About 210 grams / 7.4 oz in size M
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