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In modern times it is unusual to see a canoeist using a tumpline. That said, a tumpline is a valuable tool in your portaging arsenal.

Our tumpline is an extra option ($10) for our barrel harness and all our canoe packs. It quickly attaches to 2 buckles beside the shoulder straps.



A tumpline helps carry weight more efficiently by transferring weight off your shoulders and directly down your spine to your legs.

Voyageurs carried fur bales using only a tumpline. A fur bale weighed 90lbs.

The fit is quickly adjusted by pulling forward on the straps. This system is not unique. We first saw this design used by Taylor Statten Camps 35 years ago.

**Modern canoeists are not Voyageurs. Our neck muscles are not used as they once were.

We suggest using a tumpline as an aid, along with shoulder straps and a hip belt. Be aware that your neck is fragile, and you are on a portage with varying terrain. Stay within your comfort zone and experiment with what works for you. Be safe.


Our tumpline is made with modern and  well thought out materials:

  • Polartek 200 fleece repels moisture, is fast drying, and is very comfy on your forehead.
  • Polypropylene webbing (not nylon) across the forehead because it does not absorb moisture.
  • Red nylon webbing to easily find your straps.

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