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Happy Yak Spanish Scrambled Eggs

Happy Yak Spanish Scrambled Eggs

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You can’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs, but you can break some eggs without making an omelette!  Our Spanish scrambled eggs are inspired by this country’s exquisite cuisine. You will savour its distinctive, rich flavour and unique aroma, morning, day or night. Highlight your meal with this delicious recipe, and enjoy a little bit of Spain.


Have you ever heard of the Bessières Giant Easter Omelette? It would seem that... Napoleon and his army crossed the South of the France and stopped for the night in a small village, close to Bessières in Haute-Garonne. Napoleon feasted on an omelet prepared by the innkeeper that was such a culinary delight that he ordered villagers to gather all the eggs in the village and to prepare a huge omelette to feed his men the next morning.

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