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SOL Fire Lite Kit in Dry Bag

SOL Fire Lite Kit in Dry Bag

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Light a fire wherever you are.

The SOL Fire Lite™ Fire Starting Kit features essential fire-making supplies in a dry bag. Start a fire even in the fiercest conditions with the windproof one-hand operation Fire Lite™ Micro Sparker, capable of producing over 5,000 sparks. Use a piece of the 10 ft. of Tinder Cord’s waxed cotton core to light a stove. Just a single piece of Tinder Quik™ lights easily so you can focus on building your fire. Keep your supplies dry in the watertight bag. Keep warm in an emergency with the SOL Fire Lite™ Fire Starting Kit. 

What's Included

  • 12 Pieces of Tinder Quik™
    Lightweight, easy-to-use tinder works in all weather.
  • 10 Feet of Tinder Cord
    All-purpose utility cord for emergencies features a waxed cotton core to use as a punk to light stoves and start fires.
  • Fire Lite™ Micro Sparker
    One-handed operation, produces up to 5,000 sparks in any weather.
  • Water-Resistant Dry Bag
    Clear front panel allows you to see what you have on hand and keeps your essentials dry.
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