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Brunton - TruArc 10

Brunton - TruArc 10

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Always find your way with this compass

The Brunton TruArc 10 Global Compass is a globally balanced compass designed for travelers. It provides an accurate reading anywhere with a rare earth magnet that resists interference and will not lose polarity. Also, it features quick reference cardinal points and high visibility clings to ensure you can get information quickly in any conditions.
The TruArc 10 has the ability to adjust declination 180 degrees without needing tools and it also has a reversible slide scale. In terms of construction, it has a magnified readout and a double-gauge base plate in addition to being waterproof to 300' deep. And, for those with a GPS, confidence circles are available.
13.2 x 7.1 x 1.2cm
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