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Atlas Snow Race

Atlas Snow Race

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This one-of-a-kind ultralight snowshoe is the top model in our Speed category and is intended for light & fast winter travel and snowshoe running. This design truly speaks to Atlas’s innovation and engineering prowess, as our team has painstakingly designed the Race to fit the needs of endurance athletes around the world. It all starts with the insanely light, yet durable 7075 aluminum used to craft the Speed V-Frame. This frame, combined with the Nytex decking creates the platform to deliver speed, stability and flotation. The Adjustable Spring-Loaded™ Suspension suspends the snowshoe close underfoot so it can move freely with its intended articulation. It’s also adjustable to three different settings so you can fine tune your desired responsiveness. This innovative technology allows for impact absorption, natural side-to-side flex and deeper crampon penetration for an uncompromised stride. The Z-Speed Race binding consists of a hydrophobic strap in a Z-configuration that holds your foot comfortably and securely. The binding is also removeable to allow for direct mounting of your desired footwear for the ultimate in customizable snowshoe running technology. Two handy Direct Mount Guides are included with each pair to aid in this process. All in all, the Race truly speaks to Atlas’s creativity and engineering prowess and is sure to be loved by snowshoe runners everywhere.

  • Size: 22
  • Snowshoe Series: Speed
  • Terrain: Speed


Speed V-Frame™:

Made of durable & lightweight aluminum, Atlas Speed V-Frame™ shapes are designed to prevent frame clipping at full sprint while still providing maximum floatation with the signature Atlas V-Frame™ tracking straight in deep snow.

Z-SPEED Race Binding:

This new, lightweight binding design features a smooth, hydrophobic silicon strap. The Z-shaped configuration allow for speedy single-handed adjustment across the entire foot.

Z-Trac Crampon:

Engineered for race-worthy traction, this crampon is made from 6061 aluminum and features 360 degree engagement around the foot.

Adjustable Spring-Loaded™ Suspension:


22" 75 - 190 lbs
*Load = User's Bodyweight + Gear
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