Trip Shed Adventures FAQs

Where do I meet you?

We'll be sending out a pre-trip departure email shortly after your booking going over all the details including the meeting point. It is however always accessible by car and our canoe trips are usually along the Highway 60 corridor in Algonquin Park. Winter trips vary by location.

How should I pack my stuff?

The nice things about our trips is all you'll need to bring is your toiletries and clothing (a smile and can-do attitude help too but you won't need to pack those).

As far as your packables go, bring them in whatever you like. Backpack, garbage bag, treasure chest, loose in the back of your truck. Either way, when you meet your guide we'll collectively unpack our stuff, and repack them into our nifty dry-packs to keep all your items cozy and dry.

What kind of shoes should I bring?

For our canoe trips, check out our packing list for more details but essentially we ask all participants to bring two pairs of shoes. WET & DRY.

Your wet shoes will be worn during the day and, you guessed it, they'll probably get wet. We'll be getting in and out of the canoe at portages along with dealing with some possibly muddy trails. These shoes should have good support Think running shoes you care less about or hiking boots/shoes. As much as we love Croc's they just wont cut it here. 

Your dry shoes will be the ones you'll be so glad to slip on once we get to the campsite. We'll keep 'em dry all day so don't worry about that. Running shoes are good here and this is the time to let your Croc's shine. Just no open toes please. Jamming your toe into a stick while you run out of the tent to pee in the middle of the night isn't fun for anyone. 

For winter trips, check out the packing list here. TLDR, layers and water PLEASE.

Will there be bathrooms?

Depends on your definition of a bathroom. There are these magical boxes at some campsites. Some call them a thunderbox, others call them a treasure chest (don't go looking for treasure in it though), and we call them a KYBO (keep your butt off). This is the best view you'll ever have while sitting on your throne. It's a box, with a hole on top, placed over a deep pit... You get the idea. 

If there is no KYBO available, we'll teach you the ol' "walk super far from the campsite with a baggie containing a trowel, toilet paper, and hand sanitizer" trick. 

Will there be bugs?

Yes (summer) 🙃

No (winter) 

Do I have to tip my guides?

You don't have to do anything you don't want to do. Expect for stay hydrated and not poop on the trail. That said, most people do tip their guides. The amount? Ah well that's up to you. Most people tip about $20-30/day. More if you had a life changing experience, less if your guide gets you lost.  

Do I need to know how to paddle or snowshoe?  

Absolutely not! Our trips are super focused on skill development and always designed to make sure everyone feels incredibly comfortable. You WILL however leave the trip knowing how to keep that canoe nice and straight or float on the snow like a pro. 

Can I bring alcohol?

Sure! A nice sip of wine, fireball, or Four Loko (kidding) is great to have by the campfire once the day is done. All we ask is that no glass is brought. Also, please only bring booze if you're of legal drinking age. We usually supply a couple drinks of our own for our guests too.