Top Day Hikes Near Vancouver

Top Day Hikes Near Vancouver

British Columbia is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful places to explore. When people think of British Columbia, they visualize it as a mountainous haven with stunning lakes, colourful meadows, and rugged cliff sides. Since many of these gorgeous places can only be explored on foot, it’s time to grab your hiking boots and travel the trails near Vancouver.

All the hikes listed below can be found on AllTrails. Highly recommend downloading the app as you will be able get all the details, reviews, weather conditions, and directions.



Length: 10.8km l Elevation Gain: 605m Time: 4 h

Saint Marks Summit is one of the most popular hikes in the Vancouver area. Not only is the hike amazing, but it is also easily accessible by transit. Located on Cypress Mountain, a ski resort, it is a well-marked trail. Once at the top, you will be in awe of the epic views of Howe Sound. All around you, you will be left breathless by the beauty of your surroundings. 

This is also a great sunset hike. If you decide to hike it as a sunset hike, it is best to hike it during the day first and then tackle it as a sunset hike. Be cautious when hiking back down in the dark. Bring a satellite phone and/or offline and stay close to your group. 



Length: 8.2km l Elevation Gain: 577m Time: 3 h 30 min

If you’re looking for another great hike that’s close to Vancouver that is also transit-friendly then this is the one for you. The trail starts at Seymour Ski Resort, so if you can’t find the trailhead, there will be plenty of people around to help you find your way.

At the top, you’ll not only be rewarded with stunning views of the surrounding mountains but also of the city. With vastness all around you, you’ll truly appreciate how lucky you are to be living so close to such beauty.



Length: 2.6 km l Elevation Gain: 108m Time: 50 min

Located in North Vancouver and easily accessible by transit, Lynn Canyon Loop is a must-try.  For minimal effort, the reward is great.

Once you start the hike, you will feel as if you’ve escaped the city, even though you’re only minutes away. With lush greenery and abundance, the loop will take you through dense forest where you will be in awe every step of the way.  



Length: 2.6 km l Elevation Gain: 771 m Time: 1 h 50 min

Located near Vancouver, this is a very popular and challenging hike. If you don’t like crowds, you will need to go really early as it gets very busy. Many people do this hike for trail running, training, and a form of workout. Hence, go early or be prepared for crowds.

If you’re looking to tackle more challenging hikes, this would be a great one to try for practice. Since it is very steep, you will get the opportunity to test your body and if it is too much, you can always turn back around and try again another day because it is transit accessible.



Length: 4.2 km l Elevation Gain: 215 m  Time: 2 h

Quarry Rock is a very popular hike, so I recommend going really early. Easy to access by transit, you do not want to skip out on this hike. It is a fairly unchallenging trail through dense forest, and upon finishing you will reach a golden flat waterfront boulder.

With little effort, you will be rewarded with clear, reflective water and gorgeous views all around you. This is a great hike for all levels.



Length: 18 km l Elevation Gain: 820 m Time: 6 h 45 min

Although a heavily trafficked hike, it is a very challenging trail. Once you reach the end, your jaw will drop when you see a stunning alpine lake and mountains all around you. Every grueling step will pay off and you will be thankful you did not give up.

Accessible from April to November, it can be very snowy and icy if you choose to do it in early spring or early winter. Therefore, make sure to have crampons on or do it in the summertime.



Length: 10 km l Elevation Gain: 26 m Time: 1 h 50 min

Burnaby Lake is one of the largest lakes in Vancouver. An easy and family-friendly hike, the trail offers a scenic experience with little elevation.

What makes this hike a popular option is the diversity of wildlife and plant life. You will get to see a lot of ducks, geese, beavers, and unique plants along the way. Get ready to add biologist and botanist to your title by the time you’re done.

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