Last Minute Holiday Shopping List

Last Minute Holiday Shopping List


First things first, lets just say this. You don't NEED to buy gifts for the holidays. If you do, they don't NEED to be new. We can all normalize used and second hand gifts, all of which can be just as special. That said, if you do choose to purchase a gift for someone (or yourself) we put together this nifty little guide. 


We’re almost down to single-digit days before the holidays have come and gone. If you don’t have all your shopping done yet don’t worry - we’ve got you covered with some last minute ideas that are sure to make that special somebody happy. All of these gifts come in a variety of price points and can be found at local retailers. So let’s not waste any more time and dive into some ideas to make the holidays great! 

Headlamp or Lantern

Give the gift of illumination. The world of electronics moves at a breathtaking pace and it's not much different in the world of camping and hiking. A great way to upgrade somebody’s gear is with a new headlamp or lantern. The fundamentals stay the same while the things that make lighting efficient improve - lumens, battery life and weight. You can’t go wrong with brands like Petzl, Black Diamond, or Princeton Tec. All have a ton of options that cover a wide array of price points and specifications. 

Maps and Books 

If you’re anything like us these days, you’re spending a lot of time inside planning for the first thing that you’re going to do when you get a few days off and have a chance to get out into the backcountry. There are tons of great resources out there but the great thing about maps and books is that they give you a chance to disconnect from the digital world and be closer to that feeling we get when we’re out there. If you don’t know exactly where that special someone is looking to go, Backroad Mapbooks provide a wide look across vast areas to explore where trip options might be. BRMP also includes write-ups on hiking and paddling adventures within the specific areas the books cover and has online options too. If you know where that special someone is looking to explore check out some of the maps we carry here. Can’t find what you’re looking for? If you need some help, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Dry bags, Mesh Bags and Storage Cubes

Out on the trail you don’t have the option to leave something lying around to come back to later. When you’re done using something it goes back where it came from. Staying organized saves you frustration when you’re out there and keeps things from getting lost. Dry Bags, Mesh Bags and storage cubes come in all shapes and sizes, suitable for almost anything you’re bringing in your back. Stick toiletries in something besides a ziploc bag. Extra clothes into a travel cube that fits into the bottom of a pack. Food into a waterproof dry bag that can go up a bear line for the night. Electronics, cooking gear, camera gear. Shall I go on? Packing is a breeze and finding it later is easier. What a better holiday gift than a worry free backcountry experience! Our favourites are brands like Sea to Summit and SealLine.

The F’s - Firestrarters, Fuel, and Food

Do you want to get your special someone something you know they’ll 100% absolutely use? Firestraters, fuel and food check that box (so does toilet paper but let’s keep it classy this holiday season). Firestarters are so handy when you need a fire in a jiffy. My favourites are Instaflams (waxed wood shavings) or Whitefire (chemical cube). Most people cooking or boiling water in the backcountry are using a stove that runs on a isobutane propane mix fuel. The fuel comes in different sized canisters but none cost more than $15. This is a regular part of anyone’s pack- they’ll love it in their stocking! Dehydrated food is the final F and can really save someone some dollars when they’re getting ready for a trip. Stick with classic simple meals if you can from great brands like AlpineAire, Happy Yak, or Backcountry Wok. Even if they make their own meals, a prepackaged meal makes a perfect emergency/backup meal in their kit. 

Trip Shed Adventure Card

If none of the ideas above feel like they’re going to do your gift justice this year don’t be afraid to fall back on the timeless gift card that’ll give that special someone the opportunity to select their own gift. The Trip Shed adventure card gives your special someone access to products across any of their interests as well as the opportunity to put it towards any outfitting needs for their trips in 2021 - gear rentals, guiding, food prep, etc. Not sure if we can cover all the bases? Reach out to our Trip Guides directly to find out more.

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